Apple’s iPhone is usually more expensive than Android phones in the same segment. List of reasons why iPhone is better than Android. Let’s find out through the article below with Reporta2z.

Top reasons why iPhone is Better than Android

iPhone maintains high performance for longer

How your phone performs will depend on the processor. Compared to Android flagships, Apple’s A-series chips for their iPhones perform better. Because it is designed specifically for the iPhone, it can provide a smooth, lag-free experience.

This SoC uses high-end and expensive components, making it super efficient and fast. This is why even older iPhone models run smoothly for long periods.

On the other hand, Android phones run very smoothly when they first buy them, and people love the experience they get. However, over time you may find your Android phone’s performance slows down, whether it’s a flagship or mid-range model.

Android phones often rely on third-party manufacturers for their processors, and this is what makes iPhone better than Android. For example, Samsung buys Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and integrates them into its phones. Therefore, the hardware and software optimization of Android phone manufacturers is not possible with the iPhone. This causes their smartphones to suffer a serious performance loss after only 2 years of launch. This is one of the reasons why iPhone is better than Android

why iphone is better than android

Less vulnerable to attacks and malware

The second reason to answer the question of why iPhone is better than Android is its security capabilities. Despite serving the majority of users, Android phones are still underrated in terms of security. This is mainly because smartphones don’t have any control over Android software. In addition, the security levels will be compromised to some extent if the operating system is outdated.

You may have to change your Android device after a while to secure your data. On the other hand, you don’t need to upgrade your iPhone every year as it gets years of software updates and comes with important security patches. For example, iPhone 8 users with iOS 16 will also receive the same level of security as iPhone 14 users.

Meanwhile, the Google Play Store has quite a few malicious applications that can be dangerous to users’ phones. Apple’s iPhone allows users to download apps with limited security. The verification process ensures that people are less exposed to potential security threats and malware.

The iPhone may not be immune to threats and attacks, but it has better security features than Android phones. Users feel confident about having a secure phone and therefore, they are willing to pay more.

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Premium design and build quality

In terms of design, Android smartphones come in many different shapes and designs, which makes it quite difficult to identify brands and models. Meanwhile, the iPhone has an attractive design that can attract immediate attention. While Apple doesn’t bring many design improvements to its product line, it does make an iPhone more recognizable – even from a distance.

Apple makes sure that new designs don’t leak first, and this leaves users and other brands curious about what’s to come.

In addition, Android users may have to change their phones or brands based on usage needs. So, we can say that a sleek design with an intuitive shape and premium quality make an iPhone well worth the money.

why iphone is better than android

Apple’s Brand Value

There’s a reason why Apple has become one of the most successful companies worldwide and that’s its brand value. When it was introduced, Apple’s main goal was to make the iPhone a brand rather than just a phone.

And let’s not forget that the iPhone works seamlessly with other Apple devices that have become incredibly popular over the past decade. The controversial “walled garden” makes it difficult for users to switch to another brand.


Above are the reasons why iPhone is better than Android. Follow Reporta2z‘s articles to see if Android has any breakthroughs to surpass its competitors!

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