According to a report from Apple’s supply chain, iPhone 14 sales numbers may fall below 5% due to too low demand from consumers. So what is the current sales situation of the Iphone 14? Let’s find out with Reporta2z through the article below!

iPhone 14 sales numbers in the first quarter of 2023

According to analyst Ross Young, two current high-end phone lines, the iPhone 14 Pro and Iphone 14 Pro MAX, presently account for around 75% of the market. In addition, this number is expected to increase in the near future.

Meanwhile, there has been a minor increase in the quantity of screen panels for the iPhone 14. Ross Young, however, said that the shipping of screens for the iPhone 14 Plus variant had been entirely halted.

Even yet, it’s possible that Apple may still introduce the iPhone 15 Plus later this year. This version is anticipated to sell for less money than the other variants, making it more competitive.

With a bigger screen and battery, the iPhone 14 Plus offers the same design, camera, and performance as the iPhone 14. Many people made optimistic predictions about the performance of this product line prior to the introduction. However, the iPhone 14 Plus was seen as a failed product by Apple and received almost no attention from users. Because of waking up, you can see that iPhone 14 sales numbers are not really up to expectations

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iphone 14 sales numbers

iPhone 14 sales vs iPhone 13

The iPhone 14 series is very popular, and it seems to be performing better than the previous generation. In surveys from Wave7 Research summarized by J.P. Morgan, it seems that iphone 14 sales numbers are higher compared to iphone 13 

According to the research, which looked at sales trends on different carriers in February 2023, the overall market share of the iPhone 14 series has decreased compared to its peers. Overall iPhone market share fell from 69% in January to 62% in February. However, it seems that, historically, the iPhone 14 is still doing well at this stage in the product cycle. That 62% isn’t quite the same 64% for the iPhone 12 cycle this time of year, but it’s higher than the 59% market share for the iPhone 13 cycle.

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In the March report, iPhone market share fell from 70% in December to 69% in January. In that report, iPhone 14 beat both iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 cycles by 67% respectively. and 60%.

It can be seen that the parameters of the iPhone 14 are slightly better than those of the iPhone 13. Maybe for that reason, the sales of the iPhone 14 have been higher than that of its predecessors.

iphone 14 sales numbers

Global market share smartphones

Despite delivering 8% fewer smartphones to the market last quarter, Samsung still leads the way with 64.1 million handsets released between July and September 2022. Samsung’s smartphone market share remained unchanged at 22%. Next is Apple when it shipped 53 million iPhone models in the quarter, up 8% year-on-year. Apple currently owns 18% of the global smartphone market. According to the above statistics, it can be seen that sales of Samsung vs Apple are slightly more than 1.

Also having a lower growth rate like Samsung, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is currently ranked 3rd in the global smartphone market with an 8% decrease in device shipments. The company has shipped 40.5 million smartphones to the market, accounting for about 14% of the global smartphone market share. Oppo was in 4th place but had the biggest drop in shipments year-over-year at 22%. With a sharp decline, Oppo only shipped 28.5 million phones in the third quarter of this year, accounting for about 10% of the market share.


Above are iPhone 14 sales numbers. In the uncertain era of the economy, technology products, especially smartphones, are being greatly affected. Let’s Reporta2z predict if the sales of Iphone 14 will continue to increase!

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